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India - Pak Kickboxing team fighters

Indian & Pakistani team fighters from India - Pakistan Kickboxing Championships at Arts Council, Karachi - Pakistan. June 1988


Grandmaster Javed Khan in Meditation

LBR World Record-I

Grandmaster Javed Khan after making his 1st World Record. Mumbai June 1991.n

Training John Abraham

Training Bollywood Superstar John Abraham.

Bobby n Javed1

With Bobby Deol, Student & Bollywood Star.


With Kalaripayattu Practitioners in Kerala, India.

Side Kick
Mumbai Police

At Oshiwara Police Station after conducting a training for Mumbai Police.

India - Pakistan Kickboxing Championships

With the Best Kickboxer trophy in Karachi Pakistan 1988.

LA 1986

With George Chung


India-Pakistan Kickboxing Championships Finals.

Prem Agaan

Training Bollywood Star Fardeen Khan During Prem Agaan. Grandmaster Javed Khan was the Action Coordinator for the movie.

Javed & Fardeen

With Fardeen Khan during shooting of Prem Agaan.

Hatyakaand Poster

Poster of Hatyaakand. Bollywood Action Movie 1998 starring Grandmaster Javed Khan in the lead role.

Bahrain SSF

Training the Bahrain Police Special Security Force.

IPTF Testing Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

IPTF Black Belt Testing at Pittsburgh, PA.

WARDA Workshop

WARDA Women Against Rape & Domestic Abuse workshop at Marian University, Indianapolis.


With Marvin Johnson, 3-time Boxing light-heavyweight champion of the world.

WARDA Workshop

WARDA Women Against Rape & Domestic Abuse workshop at Marian University, Indianapolis.

NSAC-TSAC Instructor Certification

Grandmaster Javed Khan is also a Tactical Strength & Conditioning Fitness Coach certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association.

KPCT Instructor Certification

KPCT - Khan Do Kwan Instructor Certification at Kosciusko CO, Indiana.

jump back kick
After our 1st demo in 1983

From Our very 1st Demonstration in June 1983.

Grandmaster Javed Khan with John Abraham

With Bollywood Star John Abraham who has been a student of Grandmaster Javed Khan.

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